Fields of Plenty

Fields of Plenty

The Fields of Plenty program uses private land from local farmers and landowners along with enthusiastic volunteer harvest crews to plant, maintain, and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables. All of the produce goes directly into the emergency food system through CCFB and its local partners.

How can I help?

Dig InVolunteers are needed throughout the growing season to pull weeds and harvest the the corn fields along with a few other crop plantings (squash, tomatoes, and berries). Work parties can be scheduled to suit volunteers’ needs; groups of any size are welcome. You can also join in on public work parties (“Dig Ins”) scheduled throughout the season. No registration required, just show up with gloves and hand tools if you’ve got them; if not, just bring your smile!

For those who would like to “dig in” deeper, we are looking for Volunteer Crew Leaders to lead groups in the field and for volunteers who like to be behind-the-scenes to work on outreach and coordination.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Fields of Plenty program or participating in a Dig In, please email Maika at

About the Program

CornCCFB first piloted the model in 2010 on several acres of land belonging to a generous farmer in Brush Prairie, Washington. The effort was a great success, allowing CCFB to expand the program in 2011. This year, the same Brush Prairie farmer has offered the use of additional acreage, planting a total of 8 acres with four different varieties of corn as well as berries and several other vegetables. CCFB and its partners have access to many more acres of farmable land throughout Clark County if the model takes hold. We can’t wait to get more food growing in Clark County!

A new partner for CCFB this year is local non-profit Urban Abundance (UA). UA uses a gleaning model in their Harvesting the Urban Orchard program, bringing excess fruit and nuts from trees throughout Clark County into the emergency food system while allowing harvest volunteers to take home part of the bounty.

CCFB and UA are experimenting with a gleaning model in the Fields of Plenty program, encouraging volunteers to pick a few ears for the Food Bank, as well as a few ears for their own family.

How can I found out more?

Check out the Clark County Food Bank’s main website for information about hunger in our area and the work of CCFB.

Find out more about Urban Abundance and their Harvesting the Urban Orchards Program.


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